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Question to ask before you hire an agent
Jupiter and North Palm Beach County!

When working with a real estate agent, it's critical that you have full confidence in that agent's experience and education. Here are some questions to ask your agent before hiring her (or him):
    Why should I list with you rather than any other agent who is calling?

    How, specifically, will you market my property?

    How will buyers find out about my property?

    What has been sold in my area, how fast and for how much?

    When your listings sell, how close is the selling price to the 
    asking price - on average?

    How many buyers do you work with on average, and how do you track your buyers?

    What system do you have in place for following up leads effectively?

    Are you full time in the real estate business?

    Do you offer a guarantee?

    Can I cancel my listing if I am not satisfied with your service?

    Do you personally answer all phone calls on the property?
    Can we cancel the listing if we're not happy?
    Do you have a personal assistant?
    How will you keep in contact with me during the listing and the transaction?
    Are you fully automated with your own personal computer, FAX machine, copier, pager, voice mail, etc.?
    What is your average marketing time vs. other agents' average?
    Can you give me a list of your recent clients, and can I call them?
    Why do you want to sell my house?

    How do you compare with the XYZ company?

If you are thinking of buying or selling your house, please give us a chance to answer those questions!

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